SCUBA CUBA ® is your Internet resource and service for Scuba diving adventures in Cuba. One of the missions of SCUBA CUBA ® is to preserve and protect the beautiful reefs with their abundant coral and marine life surrounding Cuba. Timely protective legislation, enforcement, and water management programs are the three pillars supporting our mission. Our current focus is encouraging Cuba to cleanup the Cauto River, Cojimar River, Almendares River, Habana bay, Nuevitas bay and Cienfuegos bay, as well as, protect dive areas at Maria la Gorda, Isle of Youth, Cayo Largo, Varadero, Rancho Luna, Santa Lucia, Guardalavaca, and Marea de Portillo.

Well known dive sites in Cuba are:

Maria La Gorda, Pinar del Rio
Diving sites: 39
Located on the western-most tip of the Guanahacabibes Peninsula

El Colony, Isla de la Juventud
Diving sites: 56
Located on the Isla de la Juventud

Cayo Largo del Sur
Diving sites: 32
E astern end of the Canarreos Archipelago

Bahia de Cochinos, Matanzas
Diving sites: 14

Citizens and permanent residents of the USA need to have an U.S. Treasury OFAC license specifically authorizing diving in Cuba in order to Scuba in Cuba legally. OFAC licenses are usually limited to scientific research and the REEF project. For more information about diving in Cuba, email SCUBA CUBA ®.

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